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  • Victor Urrutia

    CEO of C.V.N.E.

    Victor is a direct descendant of the founding brothers and is closely involved with the day to day management of our business. He is passionate in his desire to combine traditional winemaking methods with modern innovation. Victor describes his mission at CVNE as twofold: ‘my ancestors worried about one thing only: making the best possible wine. I have added another concern to this (very short) list: to make our wines known across the world’.

  • Maria Urrutia Ybarra

    Marketing Director and Board Member

    Maria Urrutia Ybarra, sister to Victor, has also worked for the company since 2004 in Marketing and Communications.  With a background in Business Administration, Maria joined the Board of Directors in 2008 and works full time for CVNE continuing the proud family tradition.

  • Maria Larrea

    Technical Director

    Maria Larrea was born and raised in Rioja, a place with a long winemaking tradition. The influence of these early years pointed her towards doing viticulture and oenology at university, first in Madrid, and later on in Montpellier and Bordeaux. Her first harvest once back in Rioja was in C.V.N.E., and after gathering further experience in other wineries in Rioja, Mancha and Navarra, she returned to C.V.N.E. in 1991. Maria now holds the position of Technical Director for the entire C.V.N.E. group. Her responsibilities also include overseeing the winemaking of all the Cune and Imperial wines at the original winery in Haro.

  • Eva de Benito


    Like Maria, since her childhood Eva has been exposed to the world of wine. She graduated as winemaker at the University of La Rioja and as an agronomist at the University of Navarra before arriving at Viña Real in 2003. At the moment Eva is responsible for the production, ageing and bottling of the entire Viña Real portfolio.

  • Jorge Navascués - Head Winemaker of Contino, wearing a smart dark blue blazer, and fashionable blue glasses, stood outside the winery

    Jorge Navascués


    Jorge is the Head Winemaker at Contino, our esteemed single estate winery. Jorge joined us in August 2017 and has over 20 years’ experience behind him; working vintages in various regions throughout Spain as well as abroad. He has also consulted on various projects in areas such as Cariñena, Calatayud, Navarra and Somontano. Jorge also heads up the winemaking at Virgen de Galir.

  • Pedro Muñoz Gómez, Technical Director and Winemaker outside the winery, dressed in business suit, holding a glass of Cava

    Pedro Muñoz Gómez

    Technical Director and Winemaker for Roger Goulart

    Since the very beginning of his professional career, Pedro has been an important player in the Cava region, holding important positions in key associations of the Appellation. At only 23 years, he took the responsibility of leading the Technical Department of one of the largest wineries in Penedès, Mont-Marçal. For 16 years, and until 2005, he was a member of the board of directors of the Catalan Association of Oenologists.  Since 2007 he has held the position of Technical Director and winemaker at Roger Goulart. Pedro is widely regarded one of the great winemakers of his generation.

  • Miguel Tienda Baena

    Winemaker at Virgen del Galir

    Miguel Tienda Baena is responsible for the day to day running of Virgen de Galir winery in Galicia. Overseen by Jorge Navascués at our newest winery, Miguel is a specialist in viticulture and winemaking with a passion for the Godello and Mencia wines of the Valdeorras D.O.

  • Sara Juan

    Winemaker at Bela