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Seña Wines

Francisco Baettig and Eduardo Chadwick touch red wine glasses in a toast to Errazuriz

Seña is a unique Bordeaux-style blend and is regularly benchmarked alongside First Growths and other top Cabernet based wines. It is known for complexity and structure, as well as fine-grained tannins and acidity.

Seña is a ground-breaking biodynamic estate that is the personal project of Errazuriz President and Owner, Eduardo Chadwick. In 1995, Eduardo and well-known wine businessman Robert Mondavi, signed the first international joint venture in Chile’s history.  Their shared passion for excellence and innovation led to the creation of the first world-class Chilean wine with provenance and distinct personality.

Family Wines Since 1870
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    This ground breaking biodynamic estate is the personal project of Errazuriz Chairman Eduardo Chadwick.