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The Story

A bottle of Seña wine lying on its side, being carefully wrapped by hand in white tissue paper upon which are Seña logos.

Seña is the personal project of Viñedos Familia Chadwick founder and owner Eduardo Chadwick. In 1995, Eduardo and well-known wine businessman Robert Mondavi, signed the first international joint venture in Chile’s history. Their shared passion for excellence and innovation led to the creation of the first world-class Chilean wine with provenance and distinct personality.

a lady's hand holds a dark glass bottle of Seña, showing clearly the cream coloured label with handwriting style spanish writing on, and a rich blue and gold round native south american style Seña design in the corner. The bottle is held against a glass window in which it is reflected.

After a long search for the ideal terroir, the beautiful Seña vineyard in the Valle de Aconcagua was found, 41km from the Pacific Ocean and 100km north of Santiago. Seña’s hillside estate comprises 42ha and its design enhances the conservation and protection of the native ecosystems in accordance with biodynamic principles under which it is farmed. These practices work with energies that create and maintain the natural cycle of life, giving rise to a wine with a true sense of place. Now 100% owned by the Chadwick family, Seña has fulfilled Eduardo’s ambition to create a world class wine.