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Wine Details

Rully 1er Cru Rabourcé 2015

Côte Chalonnaise
  • 75cl bottle

The style of the whites from this area is characterised by a golden colour, a great finesse and they reveal a subtle array of aromas from hazelnuts to violets.


Rully is located at the north of the Côte Chalonnaise, between Mercurey and Bouzeron. The Rabource parcel is planted on clay and limestone soil.


2015 began with a very cold winter and a mild drought in spring, which led to bud break at the start of April. The rest of the spring was hot and dry, allowing the vines to grow at a fast pace with flowering occurring in ideal conditions. The Summer was really hot until the start of August with the arrival of slightly cooler weather and, even more importantly, some rainfall which allowed the vines to finish their ripening in ideal conditions however yields were low due to the limited water available for the vines' roots. Harvest began on the 31st August and 2015 has shown to be a dense and mature vintage with a surprisingly pleasant balance.


The fermentation takes place in oak barrels and the wine is then aged in oak for 10 to 12 months.

Enjoy with:

  • Grilled and Roasted White Meats
  • Fish/Shellfish
  • Salads and Picnics
  • Mild Creamy Cheeses
Perfect with seafood, poached salmon or white meat dishes.