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Vosne-Romanée 2013 6x75cl

Côte de Nuits
  • 75cl bottle

Widely considered the greatest of all Burgundy's villages, this wine is a classic Vosne-Romanée, elegant and silky with great finesse and succulence, with a supple mouth-feel and great balance.


The vineyards of Vosne Romanée are situated north of Nuits Saint George. The 2 communes of Vosne and Flagey Echezeaux can lay claim to the Vosne Romanée appellation, which produces only red wines. The Vosne Romanée appellation covers a 105 ha surface, 13 ha at Flagey Echezeaux.


After the challenges thrown at them in 2012, Bourgogne winemakers were hoping for a peaceful 2013 but capricious Mother Nature had other ideas. After a long winter, a gloomy spring and a fine, providential summer, for the most part, the pickers had to wait until the start of October to take up their secateurs. The consequences of the weather's whims - such as shatter and millerandage, hail damage, concentration and disease - all had an impact on the quantities harvested. Across the region, no winegrowing area was spared however experience has made all the difference and 2013 is nevertheless considered a very successful vintage.


This wine is fermented in open vats for 3-4 weeks to obtain an optimal expression of the soil, then it is aged for 18 months in oak barrels.

Enjoy with:

  • Mature Strong Cheeses
Feathered Game