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The Story

With roots dating back to 1808, M. CHAPOUTIER is one of the oldest companies in the Rhône Valley. Yet, our world renown and the quality of wine can truly be accredited to the arrival of Michel Chapoutier in 1990. His willingness to change the set way, thirst for knowledge and open-mindedness, together with his drive to seek, discover and reflect the full potential of our terroirs, letting the soils express their true character, has put our wines firmly on the wine world map. This philosophy is what gives our wines their signature style, forms the basis of the M. CHAPOUTIER ethos and drives our team to reveal the very best of what the soils have to offer.


Respect is at the beginning of everything. Whether it is for the terroir – this unique equation between the soil; the climate and human talent; for the earth by anticipating its needs; for the plant and the fruit; and for the wine lover – without respect, wine has no soul.

…we look to embrace new horizons and terroirs…

Spirit of adventure

For M. CHAPOUTIER, we look to embrace new horizons and terroirs. It is about combining tradition and modernity to imagine a new know-how. Our spirit of adventure is an impetus that leads to all possibilities.

Conviviality and generosity

It seems impossible to be a winemaker without conviviality and generosity. Wine conveys a sense of sharing, it shares its character with the food it is served with. For us, to make wines that pair well with food is an essential part of our winemaking philosophy.


Since 1996, all Maison M. CHAPOUTIER labels feature the wine information written in braille. This is a tribute to Maurice Monier de la Sizeranne, the inventor of the first abridged version of braille and founder of the Valentin Haüy association, who helped bring the blind and visually challenged out of isolation. There is even a wine that carries his name, from a plot that once belonged to his family. This is a way of giving something back to somebody who made a real contribution.