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Vinos de Viticultor Wines

These wines were created by Sebastián, some as a tribute to the inspiring members of his family whose passion and innovation have helped to establish the Zuccardi vision as it is today.

Pure Mountain Wines from Argentina
  • Concreto Malbec bottle image

    Concreto Malbec

    Cool dark fruits and a sublimely textured palate.

  • Emma Zuccardi Bonarda bottle image

    Emma Zuccardi Bonarda

    Created in honour of Sebastián's Grandmother who worked in the Zuccardi winery until the age of 93!

  • José Zuccardi Malbec bottle image

    José Zuccardi Malbec

    Created by Sebastián as a tribute to his father, José, this wine symbolises José’s passion and conviction.

  • Tito Zuccardi bottle image

    Tito Zuccardi

    Named in honour of Sebastián’s Grandfather, Alberto, the great innovator who planted the first Zuccardi vineyards.

  • Blanc de Blancs bottle image

    Blanc de Blancs

    A beautifully creamy mousse and a remarkable elegance make this Blanc de Blancs a standout sparkling wine.

  • Malamado Fortified Malbec  bottle image

    Malamado Fortified Malbec

    Zuccardi's Fortified Malbec; sweet tannings, silky, full bodied - with a long finish.

  • Soleria Fortified Torrontés bottle image

    Soleria Fortified Torrontés

    A buttery, intensely flavoured fortified Torrontés with aromas of dried fig, roasted chestnut, orange zest and honeycomb.