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Rodrigo Zamorano - Chief Winemaker - in the vineyard, short sleeved white shirt, and pale gaucho hat

Tastings and jeep or horseback tours of the beautiful Caliterra vineyards can be arranged by appointment.


Via Route 5, Panamerican Highway South from Santiago.

  • Take Panamerican highway, route 5, southbound towards San Fernando town, located at approximately 140 km from Santiago.
  • At the Panamerican highway southtern exit (second) to San Fernando, take the route to Pichilemu.
  • Cross the Tinguiririca River and stay onto route I-50 that branches West to Santa Cruz and Pichilemu.
  • This route will take you through the towns of Nancagua, Cunaco, Santa Cruz and Palmilla. Stay on rout I-50 towards Pichilemu.
  • Following the town of Palmilla, you will reach the “Antigua Estacion de Colchagua” an old train station. Make a right turn onto route Las Condenadas.
  • Drive for another 2 km, cross the Presidente Errazuriz bridge over the Tinguiririca river; The paved road extends for almost one km more. At the intersection make a left turn.
  • Drive another 600 meters and turn right onto an unpaved road to Caliterra. Continue for approximately 5 km. At the end of the road you will reach Caliterra Estate main entrance.