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Rodrigo Zamorano, Caliterra's Chief Winemaker, dark haired and bearded, wearing a big block red and blue shirt, stands among the Colchagua vines holding a glass of red wine

Tastings and jeep or horseback tours of the Caliterra vineyards can be arranged by appointment.


Via Route 5, Panamerican Highway South from Santiago.

  • Take Panamerican highway, route 5, southbound towards San Fernando town, located at approximately 140 km from Santiago.
  • At the Panamerican highway southtern exit (second) to San Fernando, take the route to Pichilemu.
  • Cross the Tinguiririca River and stay onto route I-50 that branches West to Santa Cruz and Pichilemu.
  • This route will take you through the towns of Nancagua, Cunaco, Santa Cruz and Palmilla. Stay on rout I-50 towards Pichilemu.
  • Following the town of Palmilla, you will reach the “Antigua Estacion de Colchagua” an old train station. Make a right turn onto route Las Condenadas.
  • Drive for another 2 km, cross the Presidente Errazuriz bridge over the Tinguiririca river; The paved road extends for almost one km more. At the intersection make a left turn.
  • Drive another 600 meters and turn right onto an unpaved road to Caliterra. Continue for approximately 5 km. At the end of the road you will reach Caliterra Estate main entrance.