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Caliterra has implemented various systems in the cellar in order to be increasingly more energy efficient. The most important are the use of gravity flow in all winery opertions and free cooling in the barrel room.

Hand checking red grapes on a conveyor at the winery

Gravity flow consists of using gravity to rack the wines. To facilitate the process, the Caliterra cellar was built on different levels, which is approximately 20% more energy efficient than using pumps. This system prevents pressure and stress on the grapes which can generate a phenolic bitterness in the wine

White grapes ready for the first pressing in the winery

The barrel room benefits from a ‘free cooling’ concept to control temperatures. This is a semi-passive system that transfers air between the interior and exterior of the room. To lower the temperature night air is brought in from the vineyard to raise it the system uses daytime air. This is approximately 30% more efficient than conventional methods