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The Taittinger Family in their sun room - Vitalie sits at the desk talking to her father Pierre-Emmanuel, and brother Clovis stood the other side

Taittinger produces a range of Champagnes from its signature cuvée to its top prestige cuvée and includes a selection of wines that each have a story to tell.

Three main grape varieties are grown in the Champagne region. Pinot Noir is the more noble of the two black grapes and lends the wine bouquet, depth, full body and complexity; Pinot Meunier adds roundness and acidity. The white variety is Chardonnay, the most fragile and rarest of the three (27% of total plantings) and also the most costly; it lends elegance, finesse and delicacy to the wine, lightening the fuller, richer, characteristics of the black grapes. For Taittinger, it is the Chardonnay grape that forms the foundation for the house style.

Champagne for the Independently Minded