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Collection Wines

The Taittinger Family in their sun room - Vitalie sits at the desk talking to her father Pierre-Emmanuel, and brother Clovis stood the other side

The Taittinger Collection was introduced in 1983 by the family to reflect their passion for both the best of art and Champagne. Made only from vintage Champagne, these limited edition bottles are designed by internationally acclaimed artists. Previous releases have included Lichtenstein, Matta and Rauschenberg to name but a few. The choice of each artist takes time. The originality, cultural and artistic identity of each is key and the wine, the inspiration.

The latest edition has been created by the celebrated Sebastiăo Salgado. A first of firsts this 14th Collection bottle, from the 2008 vintage is the first to be created by a Brazilian artist and a photographic artist.

Champagne for the Independently Minded
  • Collection Series 2008 1x75cl bottle image
    Champagne Taittinger

    Collection Series 2008 1x75cl

    Collectable vintage Champagne produced in small quantities and presented in exclusive bottles created by world renowned artists.