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The Story

Larry tending to a row of grape vines in the early morning - the low sunlight shining from the left. He's wearing a mid blue polo shirt and blue jeans.

“My wife Edwina is a fourth generation Western Australian. Her ancestors, migrated from England and settled in Frankland River in the mid 1800s. They planted the first vines on the banks of the river in 1875. I’m a first generation Australian. My uncles and aunts pressed grapes on their farms and in their backyards, and my own family at one time had a small vineyard, it’s clear where my interest in wine originated. We met in 1994, the same year I graduated with a degree in horticulture. As I was starting my work in wine, we were also embarking on our life journey.

Edwina and I purchased our first parcel of land in Frankland River in 2004 with dreams of planting our own vineyard. It was a small parcel that had originally been part of a large, historic land holding called Riversdale.

A few years later we had the opportunity to buy the neighbouring vineyard, and acres of prime river and vineyard country. We didn’t hesitate as we knew its potential.”

– Larry Cherubino

Larry with his dark curly hair, wearing a black polo neck and his wife Edwina with long dark hair, wearing a mid blue shirt, sit at a wooden table upon which is a block of cheese, a bottle of red wine and they are sampling. A red brick fireplace is behind on the left, and a large wine rack is behind them.