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Larry tending to a row of grape vines in the early morning - the low sunlight shining from the left. He's wearing a mid blue polo shirt and blue jeans.

Western Australia’s winegrowing regions are spread over large distances and their local geography and climates vary significantly under the influence of two Oceans and the Great Australian Bight.

Cherubino vineyards are spread throughout Western Australia namely; Margaret River, Great Southern and Pemberton.

Wilyabrup is moderated by the winds from the Indian Ocean. This northern sub region of Margaret River has higher average temperatures than the southern end, where the Karridale sub-region is moderated by the Southern Ocean and hence cooler. It is one of the best examples of a maritime climate in Australia.

Pemberton is also cooled by proximity to the Southern Ocean. However, easterly winds that reach Pemberton have moved across more landmass, bringing much needed heat for ripening.

Frankland River is inland from the Southern Ocean. The continental climate offers sunny dry days and cold nights. Afternoon sea breezes from the Southern Ocean, known as the Albany Doctor, can drop temperatures dramatically. This diurnal variation delivers vibrant, deep red wines and white wines with freshness and acidity.

Mount Barker, like Frankland River, enjoys a continental climate. However, because it is closer to the Southern Ocean, sea breezes arrive earlier and its daily temperatures do not reach the same heights.

Porongurup is an elevated region with excellent air drainage. Temperatures are moderated by the Southern Ocean.

gently rolling rows of green vines span a valley with a lake cutting across the middle, and a distant tree line from left to right under a blue sky