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Environmental Responsibility

Larry tending to a row of grape vines in the early morning - the low sunlight shining from the left. He's wearing a mid blue polo shirt and blue jeans.

Whilst we’ve learnt from organics, biodynamics and natural wine practices, we’re not dictated by one school of thought. We believe in healthy and sustainable vineyard practices, and a winemaking transparency with as little as possible between the vine and finished wine. We grow all our own grapes, and whilst copper is allowed in organic viticulture, we use minimal copper treatments.

We don’t use herbicides. We employ fish and seaweed applications. We make our own compost to support the whole vineyard biology. It’s not just about better water retention, but about healthy soils with good microbial activity. It’s a whole ecosystem thinking to make healthier, disease-resistant vines.

We’re using alternate varieties, new clones and blends to make naturally balanced wines. From vine to bottle, the wine takes its course, hands free.

View across a still lake, with three ducks on, in front of three tall trees on the shoreline. A vineyard gently slopes up to the right and a large bank of trees fill the scene across the back.