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Francisco Baettig and Eduardo Chadwick touch red wine glasses in a toast to Errazuriz

For almost 150 years, Errazuriz’s philosophy has been that quality begins in the vineyard itself – a whole-hearted commitment to “terroir” –the idea that each vineyard imparts its own distinct characteristic to the grapes grown there. Achieving premium quality in a wine therefore begins in the vineyard, with finding the right combination of soil and climate, planting the most suitable clones and tailoring management techniques to the specific needs of the vineyard.

Central Valleys region of Chile indicating location of the Aconcagua vineyards and winery
Central Valleys region of Chile indicating location of the Aconcagua vineyards and winery

These estates are carefully managed by the Errazuriz viticultural team. The team is dedicated to environmentally friendly viticultural practice and are consistently innovating with micromanagement techniques, experimenting with clones and different irrigation systems. The viticultural team works hand in hand with the winemakers headed up by Francisco Baettig.

Don Maximiano Estate (Max) Vineyards
– Aconcagua Valley

Aconcagua Valley Max 1 Terrace vineyard
Aconcagua Valley Max I Terrace vineyard

This 228ha Don Maximiano Estate consists of seven plots centred around Panquehue. It is here that Errazuriz produces its finest red wines, such as Don Maximiano Founders Reserve, KAI Carmenère, La Cumbre Syrah and the Max Reserva red wines. Here the sub-humid Mediterranean climate is moderated by gentle cool breezes from the Pacific Ocean, which penetrate deep into the valley. The valley’s shallow, alluvial soils and high heat summation during the growing season are ideal for producing highly concentrated fruit.

Aconcagua Costa “Manzanar” Estate
– Aconcagua Valley

This new estate is located in the Aconcagua coastal sector, just 12 km from the sea. 230 hectares have been planted to date with varieties best suited to the soil, slope and aspect of the property and in particular, the cool climate of this area. Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir make up the majority of the plantings while cool climate Syrah has also been produced with excellent results.

Aconcagua Costa vineyards - image credit Sara Matthews
Aconcagua Costa vineyards – image credit Sara Matthews

Pioneering this vineyard in a totally new area is a bold step but one which the team at Errazuriz believes will open a new chapter in the production of wine in the Aconcagua Valley by establishing the region as a source of quality, cool climate varietals.

La Escultura Estate
– Casablanca Valley

La Escultura vineyard
La Escultura vineyard

The Escultura Estate, of 75 ha, is located in the Casablanca Valley and is dedicated to the production of highly characteristic, cool climate white wines and, more recently, the Pinot Noir variety. The Casablanca Valley, located 25km from the South Pacific, is strongly influenced by morning fog during the summer and cool breezes from the Pacific Ocean. This allows for a long, even ripening of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines.