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The Story

Richard Painter, Winemaker walks down a row of vines with his constant companion dog - Sam

Forget etiquette and expert opinion. Leftfield celebrates the individual by making wine as unique as you are, from a quirky little country at the bottom of the world.

Left Field Albariño bottle duel illustration

Leftfield is where you’ll find them,
these wonderfully free-spirited creatures of curiosity.

The winery is situated in the sacred Gimblett Gravels, a gift left behind from the trails of the old Ngaruroro River, which meandered through the region until a huge flood changed its course in 1867.

Richard Painter, Winemaker, leaning on a fence in the vineyard
Richard Painter, Winemaker

Under the watchful eye of winemaker, Richard Painter, a sense of exploration runs deep at Leftfield, just like the ancient Ngaruroro River winding its way through the Gimblett Gravels, always seeking a different path. When it comes to winemaking, curiosity reigns and rules are made to be broken, weaving together a rich tapestry to bring forth Leftfield wines.

Why we think Leftfield is special

  • Wines that push varietal or regional boundaries for New Zealand.
  • Bold quirky labels that catch the eye and invite exploration
  • Richard Painter’s calm unassuming demeanour belies a seriously talented winemaker.
  • The winery cellar door is a real hidden gem.
Image credit: Jonathan Clark