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Hugh Crichton - Winemaker - stands casually dressed in green checked shirt with arms crossed, in front of barrels stacked three high against the wall behind him
  • Hugh Crichton - Winemaker - crouches in the vineyard in green checked shirt, holding a bunch of ripe chardonnay grapes

    Hugh Crichton


    Appointed to the position of Winemaker in 2006, Hugh has worked at Vidal since 2004. His broad experience spans both the Old and New Worlds and his philosophy is to continue to build on the winemaking legacy of his predecessors. During his time in Europe, Hugh had the opportunity to experience many European wines, which were often more elegant in style and food friendly in nature than their New World counterparts at the time. His exposure to some of the great wines of this style has been a key influence on his winemaking direction. Producing wines which are truly reflective of the region and vineyards where the grapes are grown is also at the core of Hugh’s winemaking philosophy.