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Vidal sources the majority of its fruit from vineyards in Hawkes Bay, many located in the premium Gimblett Gravels sub-region.

Vineyard worker carrying a yellow basket of freshly picked grapes

Some fruit is also sourced from Marlborough. A dedicated viticultural team is employed to manage the vineyards and to provide a complete advisory service to the growers. The ability to select the right sites and develop and manage these vineyards to specific wine styles and quality goals is key to Vidal.

Vidal is dedicated to environmentally friendly winemaking and sustainable winegrowing practices, with vineyards increasingly adopting organic principles. Rather than relying on herbicides or pesticides, vineyard management focuses on enhancing soil fertility and fostering beneficial processes to minimise the need for intervention to control pests and diseases. This approach allows Vidal to contribute to New Zealand’s “clean, green” image and increase quality assurance from vineyard through to the finished wine.

Image credit : Joseph Michael