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Hugh Crichton - Winemaker - stands casually dressed in green checked shirt with arms crossed, in front of barrels stacked three high against the wall behind him

Having remained in the original winery site in Hastings Hawkes Bay for 113 years, the once rural location came to be nestled in the heart of residential suburbia. Limitations on space and restricted operating times meant the move to a new state-of-the-art winemaking facility in the Gimblett Gravels was a necessary step to take.

“While it’s been immensely satisfying to ferment and age our wines in our historic cellars there’s no denying there have been challenges. Being closer to our vineyards and working within a winery designed from the ground up for quality will allow us to capture our terroir in even greater detail to deliver the elegance and classical style for which Vidal is renowned”.

Hugh Crichton
Image credit: Joseph Michael