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Vidal produce wines in a classical way, but without the old-world prescription and control through appellation systems. 

They have the ability to search for small changes that can improve quality whether that be in the vineyard or winery, ultimately, with the aim for the wines to reflect the vineyards and the growing season. Vidal try to achieve transparency in the wines, and are not looking to hide where the wine is from with too much oak, too much tannin or in fact too much of anything. When the wine is dominated by one thing you lose the rest of the detail – this is summed up by the term of balance – they aim for balance in all respects.

The overriding wine style is one of elegance. Vidal look for underlying complexity, fine structure, good natural acidity and not least concentration of flavour, but not in a big, over powering way. The wines tend to be better food wines because they don’t dominate food, rather compliment.

Hawkes Bay Heritage, Classical Style.