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Pétreo Wines

Pétreo refers to the clay and sedimentary schists found in this premium hillside vineyard plot. Only Carmenère and Malbec are planted in these unique soils.

Unique Details in Perfect Harmony
  • Pétreo Carmenère 2020 6x75cl bottle image

    Pétreo Carmenère 2020 6x75cl

    A vibrant example of Chile's signature varietal: unique freshness with subtle spice and fresh berry fruit with a racy finish. Exceptional.

  • Pétreo Malbec 2016 6x75cl bottle image

    Pétreo Malbec 2016 6x75cl

    Originally produced to commeorateCaliterra's 20th Anniversary in 2016, this is a wonderful showcase of whatCaliterra does so well with Malbec.

  • Pétreo Malbec 2018 6x75cl bottle image

    Pétreo Malbec 2018 6x75cl

    The Malbec grape showing beautifully here on the western slopes of the Andes. Intense fruit, subtle oak and smooth tannins.