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Errazuriz Wines

Francisco Baettig and Eduardo Chadwick touch red wine glasses in a toast to Errazuriz

Errazuriz’s philosophy is best expressed by Don Maximiano who said, “From the best land, the best wine.” Vina Errazuriz believe in the concept of ‘terroir’ and strive to produce the finest wines by controlling every stage of the winemaking process, from grape growing in the Aconcagua and Casablanca valleys, to winemaking with the most natural techniques. An emphasis is placed on the delicate handling of the wines, with the aim of producing wines with elegance and complexity.

Family Wines Since 1870
  • ‘Aconcagua Costa’ Chardonnay bottle image

    ‘Aconcagua Costa’ Chardonnay

    A stunningly complex Chardonnay; toasty oak richness balanced with a steely, mineral backbone and crisp acidity betraying its cool-climate roots. Fermented with wild yeasts for added depth and a unique character.

  • ‘Aconcagua Costa’ Sauvignon Blanc bottle image

    ‘Aconcagua Costa’ Sauvignon Blanc

    With crisp citrus aromas of mangoes, mandarin and grapefruit, this is a beautifully refreshing wine.

  • ‘Late Harvest’ Sauvignon Blanc bottle image

    ‘Late Harvest’ Sauvignon Blanc

    A luscious dessert wine with the sugars concentrated by the extra hang-time. Rich and honeyed, succulent apricot fruit and lovely fresh acidity.

  • Aconcagua Costa Sauvignon Blanc bottle image

    Aconcagua Costa Sauvignon Blanc

    An elegant Sauvignon with fresh citrus armoas, richness and complexity, from the pioneering plantings in the coastal region of Aconcagua Valley.

  • Estate Chardonnay bottle image

    Estate Chardonnay

    Cool maritime influence combined with plenty of sun makes this perfectly ripe yet delicate wine. Fresh, crisp, lively and delicious.

  • Estate Pinot Grigio bottle image

    Estate Pinot Grigio

    An intesne yet clean nose that marries classic pear and apple fragrances with hints of florala nd citrus fruit.

  • Estate Sauvignon Blanc bottle image

    Estate Sauvignon Blanc

    The Aconcagua Valley’s perfect coastal conditions produce impeccably balanced fruit. Fresh, crisp and lively with citrus and green apple notes.

  • Max Reserva Chardonnay bottle image

    Max Reserva Chardonnay

    This premium Chardonnay comes from La Escultura Estate in Casablanca, which produces wonderfully ripe fruit with lovely balancing acidity. The finish is long, clean and delicious.

  • ‘Aconcagua Alto’ Cabernet Sauvignon bottle image

    ‘Aconcagua Alto’ Cabernet Sauvignon

    A bright and cheerful wine with aromas of black raspberry, tea leaf and soft smoky notes.

  • ‘Aconcagua Alto’ Carmenère bottle image

    ‘Aconcagua Alto’ Carmenère

    An intensely spicy, fruity and beautifully balanced Carmanère, carefully created from the alluvial soils of the Max V vineyard.

  • ‘Aconcagua Costa’ Pinot Noir 2018 bottle image

    ‘Aconcagua Costa’ Pinot Noir 2018

    Francisco Baettig has gained a reputation for Chile's finest pinot noir: supremely elegant with great poise and structure.

  • ‘Aconcagua Costa’ Syrah bottle image

    ‘Aconcagua Costa’ Syrah

    A beguiling wine produced in very small quantities: floral nose and a complax palate of black pepper, incense and lively red fruits.

  • ‘The Blend Collection’ Red bottle image

    ‘The Blend Collection’ Red

    The best fruit from the estate is carefully selected by Head Winemaker Francisco Baettig to produce a wine that is full bodied and concentrated with rich spice, ripe fruit, warming savoury characters and a long satisfying finish. The inaugural vintage won a Gold Medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2005.

  • ‘Wild Ferment’ Pinot Noir bottle image

    ‘Wild Ferment’ Pinot Noir

    A Pinot Noir crafted with a nod to Burgundy tradition: natural wild yeast fermentation has imparted maximum complexity and charm.

  • Aconcagua Alto Carmenère bottle image

    Aconcagua Alto Carmenère

    An intensely spicy, fruity and beautifully balanced Carmanère, carefully created from the alluvial soils of the Max V vineyard.

  • Don Maximiano Founder’s Reserve bottle image

    Don Maximiano Founder’s Reserve

    A Bordeaux-inspired blend made in homage to the winery's founder, made from a selection of the finest fruit of the Don Maximiano estate.

  • Estate Cabernet Sauvignon bottle image

    Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

    Chile made its reputation with Cabernet and this exemplary offering is full-bodied with ripe, soft blackurrant, firm tannins and a long finish.

  • Estate Carmenère bottle image

    Estate Carmenère

    The long-lost grape variety of Bordeaux has found its home in Chile and is delicious. Full bodied, delicately spicy with smooth tannins.

  • Estate Merlot bottle image

    Estate Merlot

    Errazuriz have long helped definte the style of Chilean Merlot. Generous and richly fruity with savoury notes and toasty oak.

  • Estate Pinot Noir bottle image

    Estate Pinot Noir

    This light-bodied Pinot delivers fragrant red fruit on the nose with a classic palate of raspberry and red cherry and a light dusting of well-integrated oak.

  • Estate Shiraz bottle image

    Estate Shiraz

    Rich blackberry flavours combine with gentle spice and a touch of smokiness on the finish.

  • Kai Carmenère bottle image

    Kai Carmenère

    KAI, meaning 'plant' is a tribute to the Carmenère grape, which has become emblematic to Chile.

  • La Cumbre Syrah bottle image

    La Cumbre Syrah

    Fruit for this brooding wine is grown on the peak (Cumbre) of the estate. This is their top cuvée for this varietal.

  • Las Pizarras Pinot Noir bottle image

    Las Pizarras Pinot Noir

    Sourced from specific blocks at the estate where a high percentage of metamorphic rock, shist and slate (Pizarra) can be found.

  • Max Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon bottle image

    Max Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon

    Quintessential top Chilean Cabernet: a blackcurrant explosion with fine tannins, careful oak ageing and great complexity.

  • Max Reserva Carmenère bottle image

    Max Reserva Carmenère

    The Mediterranean climate of the Aconcagua Valley suits Carmenère very well and creates this deep-colours and intesnely flavoured delight.

  • Max Reserva Merlot bottle image

    Max Reserva Merlot

    From old vines in clay soils, an intense and rich wine with smooth tannins. Flavours are prefectly rounded by ageing in oak.

  • Max Reserva Shiraz bottle image

    Max Reserva Shiraz

    Creamy ripe blackcurrant fruit with fresh black pepper. A full-bodied palate with rich fruit and spice, supple tannin and a long finish.

  • Max VIII bottle image

    Max VIII

    This wine seeks to show all the diversity of the Aconcagua Valley expressed in the 8 Errrazuriz vineyards that extend from the mountains to the coast, achieving the best expression of Bordeaux and Mediterranean strains.