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Max Wines

Francisco Baettig and Eduardo Chadwick touch red wine glasses in a toast to Errazuriz

The finest expression of the Aconcagua terroir.

Family Wines Since 1870
  • Max Chardonnay bottle image

    Max Chardonnay

    This premium Chardonnay, from vineyards close to the Pacific Ocean, produces wonderfully ripe fruit with lovely balancing acidity.

  • Max Cabernet Sauvignon bottle image

    Max Cabernet Sauvignon

    Quintessential top Chilean Cabernet: a blackcurrant explosion with fine tannins, careful oak ageing and great complexity.

  • Max Carmenère bottle image

    Max Carmenère

    The Mediterranean climate of the Aconcagua Valley suits Carmenere very well and creates this deep-colours and intensely flavoured delight.

  • Max Malbec bottle image

    Max Malbec

    A brilliant example of Chilean Malbec - bucketloads of ripe fruit flavours and a long finish.

  • Max Merlot bottle image

    Max Merlot

    From old vines in clay soils, an intense and rich wine with smooth tannins. Flavours are prefectly rounded by ageing in oak.

  • Max Shiraz bottle image

    Max Shiraz

    Creamy ripe blackcurrant fruit with fresh black pepper. A full-bodied palate with rich fruit and spice, supple tannin and a long finish.

  • Max VIII bottle image

    Max VIII

    This wine seeks to show all the diversity of the Aconcagua Valley expressed in the 8 Errazuriz vineyards that extend from the mountains to the coast.