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Specialities Wines

The Taittinger Family in their sun room - Vitalie sits at the desk talking to her father Pierre-Emmanuel, and brother Clovis stood the other side

Taittinger’s specialities are a range of Champagnes which have a particular story relating to their viticulture or vinification. These include Prélude – a Champagne made only from fruit grown in Grand Cru vineyards, Nocturne Sec which has a higher dosage than the other Taittinger Champagnes and Folies de la Marquetterie – made only from our own ‘domaine’ grapes.

Champagne for the Independently Minded
  • Folies de la Marquetterie bottle image
    Champagne Taittinger

    Folies de la Marquetterie

    A 'Domaine' wine made only from Taittinger's own vineyards. A sumptous Champagne with a rich story marking Taittinger's heritage.

  • Nocturne Rosé Sec bottle image
    Champagne Taittinger

    Nocturne Rosé Sec

    A flamboyant Rose with a touch sweetness. Silky, fruity and made for sharing.

  • Nocturne Sec bottle image
    Champagne Taittinger

    Nocturne Sec

    A real crowd pleasing Champagne. With a slightly higher dosage, making it soft, mellow and quite simply delicious.

  • Nocturne Sec NV (City Lights) bottle image
    Champagne Taittinger

    Nocturne Sec NV (City Lights)

    A visual twist on the traditional Nocturne. A soft, easy drinking style and striking presentation make it perfect for any party celebration.

  • Prélude Grands Crus bottle image
    Champagne Taittinger

    Prélude Grands Crus

    A wonderfully seductive cuveé made soley from fruit grown in Grand Cru classified vineyards. One to launch any great occasion.