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Gaja Wines

The Gaja family - Angelo in front, with from L-R Gaia, Giovanni, Lucia and Rossana

The Gaja tradition started in 1859 in Piedmont. Five generations of the Gaja family have nurtured and built on the dreams of the previous generation.  In 1937 Giovanni Gaja took over the reins of the company and it was at this time the labels changed presenting the famous Gaja name first and foremost on the label as we see it today.

Pioneers of Artisanal Italian Wine
  • Alteni di Brassica bottle image

    Alteni di Brassica

    A demonstration of Gaja's vision. Planting Sauvignon Blanc in Barbaresco to produce a classic herbaceous aromatic wine with their trademark elegance.

  • Gaia & Rey bottle image

    Gaia & Rey

    Legendary long lived Chardonnay named for Gaia Gaja and her grandmother, Clothilde Rey. Complex, creamy and quite simply sublime.

  • Rossj-Bass bottle image


    Named for Angelo Gaja's youngest daughter Rossana (Rossj) this is a bright, layered Chardonnay blend with a Sauvignon Blanc kiss.

  • Barbaresco bottle image


    The flagship wine of the Gaja family. Benchmark Nebbiolo blended from 14 vineyards.The final result is sumptous and supple.

  • Conteisa bottle image


    A single vineyard Barolo with a story to tell. Opulent, long lived and expressive.

  • Costa Russi bottle image

    Costa Russi

    One of Gaja's three famous single vineyard Barbaresco wines. Produced in tiny quantities. A long lived showstopper.

  • Dagromis bottle image


    Taking its name from the Gromis family, an expression of two great terroirs of Barolo producing a captivating powerhouse.

  • Darmagi bottle image


    This celebrated concentrated beauty is a testament to Angelo Gaja's vision when he decided to plant noble Cabernet Sauvignon in the Langhe.

  • Sito Moresco bottle image

    Sito Moresco

    Taking its name from that of the original vineyard. A complex, harmonious blend of Nebbiolo, Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

  • Sorì San Lorenzo bottle image

    Sorì San Lorenzo

    One of Gaja's three famous single vineyard Barbaresco wines. Produced in tiny quantities. A long lived showstopper.

  • Sorì Tildìn bottle image

    Sorì Tildìn

    One of Gaja's three famous single vineyard Barbaresco wines. Produced in tiny quantities. A long lived showstopper.

  • Sperss bottle image


    A densely textured, dark and brooding wine with ripe red fruits and hints of liquorice and truffles

  • Grappa di Barbaresco bottle image

    Grappa di Barbaresco

    Made with Nebbiolo sourced from Gaja family vineyards which have an average age of 45 years, this Grappa is bright, clear and crisp with aromas of ripe and dried fruit. The beautifully integrated palate has warm spicy notes and a lingering finish.

  • Grappa Rossj Bass bottle image

    Grappa Rossj Bass

    Rossj-Bass is a predominately Chardonnay blend grown in the family owned vineyards in Langhe. It’s the Chardonnay grapes which give this Grappa it’s full and fruity bouquet while on the palate it is well balanced and has an enchantingly long finish, clearly exhibiting the varietal characteristics of this much sought-after wine.

  • Grappa Sperss bottle image

    Grappa Sperss

    Sperss is the name of the 12ha vineyard in the commune of Serralunga which was acquired by the Gaja family in 1988. Here they produce some of their most famous Barolo wines from the Nebbiolo grape, and also this Grappa which has a delicate golden colour and attractive aromas of ripe fruits, hazelnuts and raisins. Beautifully rounded, it has a balanced body and a long full finish.